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Alex Kypris’ work is influenced by everyday life and portrays social, political, and religious themes. Those pieces that do not are usually drawn from personal experiences. He often works with installations and sculptures made of found objects and occasionally includes illustrative elements to further underline the subject. He describes his work as being raw; a clear expression of what he is and what he sees. The way he uses his media is neat and organized. Right now he is in the process of creating an animated stop-motion film on the Catholic Church and its links to pedophilic scandals.


Jade Stoneman-Jones’ work is influenced by everyday situations and vivid events from her past, brought to life through the use of various media such as fabrics, inks and felt-tips. One of the most distinguishing features of her work is the transfer of drawings from paper to fabric, a process that gives her pieces a more personal feel, especially after the addition of elements from the artist’s childhood. By combining various materials and textures, Jade likes portraying dark and surreal themes that reflect aspects of her own perception of life. 

Tommy-lee Winkworth is an artist who works using photography that often includes installations inspired from the underappreciated comical capacity of everyday items and situations. Through this combination of images and objects, he aims to produce work that brings out the humorous and playful side of life by capturing its often overlooked components. This use of wit and creativity to interact with the viewer’s perception of everyday objects and situations is what makes his work unique. With the aim of bringing some of his pieces together into one publication, Tommy-lee is currently producing a book titled ‘‘Hello, my name is Paige Turner’’. He expects it to be finished by the end of the academic year.

By focusing his artistic outlook on the influence of his Nepalese heritage, Mac Biswas is able to create both eye-catching and visually vivid representations of himself in order to show how it reflects his cultural growth. This is portrayed through the use of mixed media and everyday items such as photography and clothing, taking advantage of the personal stories and backgrounds the clothes carry with them. Most recently, his work has been influenced by the ‘dope’ subculture, and the outcome is a marriage between fashion and fine art.


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